Sporza #10jaarsporza

A tenth birthday, is always special. And Sporza, being Belgium’s leading sports medium - with a long tradition in covering all kinds of sports - wanted the nation to celebrate theirs with them.


The brief

Engage a broad target group of Belgian sports fans for Sporza’s birthday celebration. Invite them to interact with the brand. Use existing platforms and style if possible. Create a series of TV-commercials to be aired in prime-time.

The work

We used Sporza’s extensive film and sound archive to create a connection with the audience and build an engaging campaign. Via the platform 10jaarsporza.be we invited visitors and viewers to create their own ‘historic sports moment’. Legendary sound bites and sports comments were made available to the public to mark their own occasions. So people could make presenter Frank Raes cheer for their son or have journalist Kris Meertens cheer their pet’s impressive jump.