Can I claim a company car? Is merit pay the right system for me? Do I deserve a raise?
Many professionals, even experienced ones tend to get bashful when it comes to discussing a raise or benefits.



Connect with vacature’s target audience by helping them get clear and concise answers to their questions. Establish as an expert career consultant media. Develop a specific tone-of-voice without compromising on credibility.


We created a lottery that allowed professionals to win a salary raise or to obtain a company car by chance. A tongue-in-cheek but nonetheless powerful campaign that clearly illustrated that a raise should be based on assessment and measurable data. We also presented the Salary Compass - a precise tool that shows professionals what they’re entitled to with mathematical precision.

The concept was conjugated to various media and channels. From a ‘scratch-and-win’ insert in print magazines, to printed ads, a Salary Raise Gameshow and a vast radio campaign.