PLV & Janssen Psoriasis, en dan?

Psoriasis, en dan?


Psoriasis Liga Vlaanderen in association with Janssen Pharmaceutica asked us to launch a national multi-platform campaign (with a strong emphasis on social) for psoriasis, to raise awareness and decrease the stigma that surrounds patients because of their visible symptoms.


We chose not to exploit the visible skin marks - which has been done so many times in the past. We wanted to deploy an emphatic, gripping and engaging campaign that got under people’s skin without showing that skin …

The online campaign kicked off with a video with Belgian personality Eline De Munck, making a fool of herself in a crowded tearoom.

The real reason for Eline’s behavior was revealed in prime time during ‘Van Gils & Gasten’, one of Belgium’s leading talk shows.

As it turned out, Eline was creating havoc only to distract attention from a psoriasis patient, Sarah, enjoying a cup of tea. Thanks to Eline, Sara was relieved from the staring behavior - if only for a moment - which she had endured so many times before.

In the wake of the buzz created by the viral video, we also launched a structural and informative campaign on social. We spread knowledge about psoriasis and created a safe place for patients to find and support one another.

The moving content was followed up with a print and poster campaign at PMD’s and dermatologists' cabinets to doctors and dermatologists.

The clip was viewed 260.000 times, shared 250 times and had a whopping 3.400 reactions.
The whole campaign was applauded by the complete psoriasis community and specialists.