Turn your talent into a career

Vacature used to be Belgium’s leading HR and professional consultancy medium. With all sorts of online media breathing down their neck, the brand needed repositioning to direct a new and younger audience to their job platform.

Turn your talent into a career

the brief

Vacature needed to reach out to a younger audience. The mission: re-establish vacature as the leading source of all HR career-orientated content and knowledge. Towards professionals as well as employers.

the work

We decided to rejuvenate into something more digital and contemporary, which started with the relaunch of Vacature as

The logo got a make-over. The tone-of-voice changed and the narrative was redirected towards millennials. A new visual style and a new baseline were launched with a powerful campaign on multiple platforms.

Each ad shows us a talent which at first appears to be an average, everyday skill. However, every example is accompanied by a search bar in which a fitting job is typed. The new baseline ties everything together: turn your talent into a career.

Film, print and a tactical radio campaign picked up on each other. The low-threshold campaign distanced itself from the pervious narrative. It was witty and smart, engaging both seasoned professionals and younger job-seekers.