Ugent ICTips

Privacy breaches are a permanent risk for those who move around the net on a daily basis.
The Ghent University wanted to help protect the privacy of students and collaborators.


The brief

Raise awareness around the daily hazards on the internet: phishing mails, identity theft, hacking, password abuse, research hacks, … Create a strong awareness campaign that reaches everyone connected to the Ghent University and its hospital: staff, collaborators, and students.

The work

We created a disruptive campaign to confront everyone on and around campus with the hazards and possible results of ‘digital risk behaviour. We spread ‘lost’ USB-sticks packed with - fake - sensitive information, we designed attractive phishing mails to reel, we ‘cyber-attacked’ the Ghent University website and hacked accounts. We covered every aspect of ICT safety and the possible risks.

Unsuspecting students, staff, collaborators and visitors of Ghent University were shocked and awed while pungently being made aware of their own reckless demeanour. Of course we subsequently offered healing and tought them how to stay out of trouble in the ‘real’ virtual world.