Stad Gent De Krook

The Krook, the vast Ghent-based centre for inspiration, culture, knowledge and innovation finally saw the light of day.

Content had to be shared with and made available to a broad audience and through existing channels. At the same time, The Krook wanted to stand out.

De Krook

The brief

Create buzz and inform. Showcase the strengths of this new innovative technological and cultural landmark. Let people know that The Krook is finally here and rejuvenate people’s interest in the project.

The work

People were wondering exactly what The Krook was going to be. We plugged in to that curiosity by informing them and at the same time firing up their imagination with the catchphrase: “At least, that’s what I heard …”

That concept was translated into numerous media and channels. It was adapted to video, posters, and ads, all reinforcing one another.

"In an almost typical Ghentian way, the campaign ridiculed the inaccuracies and rumours that had been going around about the new interpretation of the site."