Coca-Cola Enterprise #complimentsweek

March 1st is World Compliments Day.
Coca-Cola Enterprise wanted to contribute to the celebration of world’s most positive day.
If your the largest soda-drink company in the world, you want your compliments celebration to be supersize too. So asked us to create #complimentsweek.


The brief

Facilitate Coca-Cola employees to spread a little happiness. Help them to extend their compliments to colleagues all over Europe for an entire week. Present a solid creative concept that has an ‘online core’, but that can be quickly and easily conjugated to offline as well. Focus on both fun and the Coca-Cola brand values.

The work

We presented the Online Compliments Generator, a happiness-spreading tool that uses the existing intranet and that makes handing out compliments an even more rewarding and fun thing to do.

To promote the Compliments Generator, we built a full-scale campaign around it.
A campaign that surprised and charmed its way through the international divisions of the company in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway Sweden and the US.