Onafhankelijk Leven #awelja

Onafhankelijk Leven (Independent Living) is an organisation that assists people with a disability in search of suitable support and an independent lifestyle.



Raise awareness around Onafhankelijk Leven’s values and goals. Focus on the emancipatory aspects of the organisation’s work. Make the organisation top of mind. Onafhankelijk Leven wanted a campaign in which disabled people ask for help without making them seem too pitiable. Raise awareness, nòt pity.


We launched an online platform on which members of Onafhankelijk Leven shared their everyday desires with the public. Eleven-year-old Stan wants to ride his bike to school, but because he’s mentally challenged, that simple wish seems hard to fulfil. We invited the whole of Belgium to engage in a solution.

We wanted to raise awareness online and offline. We created print ads and posters that told the story of Stan, Guny, Laeticia, Xander and their fellows to the world. The response was massive. Within … a few weeks, Stan, Xander and the others had found their buddies. There was even a waiting list of people wanting to assist.