We are

We believe in change.

Foremost and above anything.

We commit ourselves to fighting the status quo.
We want to try new things. All the time.

We create. We surprise.

Always. We believe that every client deserves his own unique approach. We don’t copy-paste.

We embrace creativity as we embrace challenge.
We think and conceptualize ‘media-independently’.

We Foster, Attract, Inspire,
Trigger and Harvest.

With and fòr our clients.

We have trust in the future.

We trust that tomorrow things will be better than yesterday.
Because we believe that we can màke them better.

We focus on our strengths.

And we work on continuously improving them.
We keep getting better at what we are good at.
We dòn’t do things we do not excel in.

We are a team.

We partner closely, intensively and transparently.
With each other. With solid and ambitious contributors in a tight network, so that we can provide and deliver only the very best in skills, competence and vision.

We love our work. We love our clients. We love advertising.

  • bas_klein
    Bas De Hooghe
    Creative Director
  • peter_klein
    Peter Lissens
    Creative Director
  • george_klein
    Julie Vanderstichele
    Account manager
  • thomas_klein
    Thomas Buseyne
    Art Director
  • boyan_klein
    Boyan Demortier
    Research & Social

We believe in change. Foremost and above anything. We change attitudes, beliefs and actions for our brands. We believe in believers. We create a lasting following for our brands, based on belief ìn, conviction fòr and dedication tò those brands.